Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

More and more people in the UK are becoming aware of green issues, and the impact their home has on the environment.

For anyone looking for a clean, renewable source of hot water, solar heating is the answer. It can provide up to 70% of the energy needed for your home's hot water requirements, making it better for your pocket as well as better for the environment.

Five reasons to install a VELUX Solar Hot Water System.

1. Your VELUX Solar Hot Water System can help you play your part in reducing global carbon emissions as it provides up to 70%of your home’s hot water

2. Going green with renewable energy does not mean you have to forfeit aesthetics. VELUX solar collectors integrate harmoniously with their surroundings to ensure a visually attractive roof design.

3. The VELUX Solar Hot Water System has been fully approved and has strong ties with independent certification schemes and specialist government accredited installers to give you complete peace of mind.

4. A VELUX system is supplied to your installer as a complete solar hot water package. This ensures total compatibility between components, thus providing
optimum performance.

5. You can expect the same premium quality from a VELUX solar range as you have always known from our windows.

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