The application The application The application

The application

The application is one of the most essential stages of any self build projects, the below is intended as a brief introduction to the main areas to cover, but your Council planning department will advise you of their exact requirements. We would recommend that professional advice is sourced where required, but as a guide;

Site plans
Each application should be accompanied by copies of the plans of not less than 1:2500 scale, showing the site to which it refers and its boundary. The application site should be edged or shaded red, and any other adjoining land owned or controlled by the application edged or shaded in blue.

Plans & Elevations
Detailed plans and elevations showing showing the size and appearance of the new property, including details of the appearance and materials to be used.

Design & Access Statement
This is a written statement that will be most likely prepared by your designer which explains to the planners why planning permission should be granted, covering issues such as local and national policy, the design, location and the properties contribution to the local architecture.

Covering letter
It is advisable to include any relevant information in your covering letter that may be relevant to the planning application. Don’t try to hide things - they will be found out!

Other Information
The planning authority could ask for further information:-

  • An ecology report - in nature sensitive areas

  • A Flood Risk Report – if the property is in an area vulnerable to flooding

  • A Code for Sustainable Homes report - a sustainability report which is increasingly becoming a planning requirement, and a service that Howarth provide through Compliance.

This is the only item that doesn’t need to be sent in multiple copies. There is no VAT chargeable on a planning application fee, and a cheque should be made payable directly to the local authority.

In the unfortunate event that your application is rejected, and you genuinely think the council is wrong, you can appeal. Written representation to the Secretary of State is the quickest and easiest method. You or your council may choose for your appeal to be heard at a public local enquiry or hearing. Authorities will require multiple copies of documents (often up to 6 of each). Each copy must be signed by the applicant or his agent, as being true copies of the originals. Plans and drawings will be open to inspection by the public. You are not therefore, obliged to disclose your security arrangements on any drawings or plans.

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  • British Woodworking Federation
  • Secured by Design
  • Wood Window Alliance
  • Timber Trade Federation
  • Timber Decking & Cladding Association
  • Federation of Master Builders

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