What is composite decking What is composite decking What is composite decking

What is composite decking

Composite decking combines the aesthetics of timber decking with added long-term durability and ease of maintenance. But how does it achieve this?

Composite decking is most frequently made from a combination of different materials (wood, plastic etc), which are then processed to give the appearance of wood. A benefit of composite decking is that these base materials can come from recycled materials which would typically become waste, making composite decking a clear sustainable product.

The individual material elements are combined by the manufacturers, who often add a pigment and/or preservative. The resultant mixture is heated and formed into deck board shaped lengths, before being left to cool and harden. The final product provides a composite deck that is resistant to rot, warping, splitting and splintering. Maintenance is significantly reduced, with the need to paint, stain or seal usually removed.

A composite deck will retain its good looks, and provide relaxation and enjoyment for all the family for many years, with a greatly reduced maintenance requirement.

Please note. Information is intended as a guide only. Individual manufacturer/product specifications and performance may differ. Always check before ordering.

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