What are the Benefits of Natural Lighting in the Home?
It is amazing how big an impact natural lighting can have on your home, especially in areas where lighting typically isn’t added to a property, such as the Loft Space. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Lower Electricity bills, as you don’t need to use lighting quite as much.
  • Natural light helps to keep your body clock in check, because unnatural lighting and darkness during the day, can really confuse it.
  • It can also boost your energy levels, as well as reducing the chance of depression
  • If you have your office based in your loft, natural light can help to boost productivity, as well as your mood and you are less likely to make mistakes. 

For most people, getting natural light into the roof space is a tough one.

The Solution: Balconies
Our Roof Light Balconies are a great way of opening up your loft space, bringing a part of outside in, with more natural light and fresh air than a typical Roof Light might be able to offer. The innovative systems also adds a great view to your living space; perfect if you have a particularly stunning view from the top of your home. 

The upper section of the Balcony is top hung and opens outwards, so that it doesn’t take up any unnecessary space in your Loft, whilst the bottom section unfolds into a glazed balcony with side railings for extra security and safety. When closed the Balcony looks like an ordinary window, and doesn’t take up any unnecessary space within your loft.

Balconies are an excellent way of utilising the eaves, which are one of the most likely areas to be wasted in a home.

These inventive windows are also great for leading out onto roof terraces without compromising too much space either inside or outside your property.

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