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Jointing Compounds

Category Information

Jointing Compounds are a powder-based substance that is mixed with cement or mud that is used to seal and repair joints in paving for patios, pathways etc. 

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we offer a range of Jointing Compounds that are available in a variety of colours to suit the different needs of your projects, including: 

  • Buff 
  • Grey 
  • Black 
  • Brown 
  • Mushroom 

Ready mixed Jointing Compounds are a practical option, as they can be applied quickly. As you don’t need to measure or mix any liquids or powders together, the application is easier than if you used a more traditional sand cement-based mortar.  

Jointing Compounds are suitable for: 

  • Concrete Paving 
  • Natural Stone Paving 
  • Brickwork 
  • Stonework 


Purchase online or contact your local branch for expert advice and guidance.