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Howarth Timber & Building Supplies offer a broad range of Civils products, including: 

  • Manhole Covers 
  • Drain Channels 
  • Kerbs 
  • Reinforcement Mesh 

Manhole Covers are used to create an easy access point into underground drainage systems, whilst ensuring that animals, humans and any other unwanted materials are kept out. Due to where manhole covers are typically placed in the middle of paved areas or roads, it is essential that they are of a high standard with strength and resilience not only to handle the elements, but also both foot and vehicular traffic.  

Drain Channels are installed to assist the removal of water from roads, driveways, and paved areas, typically to prevent puddles from occurring. Drain Channels also help to control the flow of water heading into the drains, so that the whole system is less likely to become overwhelmed during heavy rain fall. 

Kerbs are raised edges that run along the roadside edge of a footpath and are sometimes used as an edge around landscaping and grassy areas. Their main aim is to protect, whilst adding strength and support. In the UK, it is common for the kerb to be combined with guttering and/or drain channels allowing rain water to run into drains.  Kerbs also create a nice finish to areas. 

Reinforcement Mesh is typically made from steel and is ideally used for structural needs, such as reinforcing house foundations, floor slabs, and brick walls. The mesh is necessary because concrete can be brittle and does not perform well under tension, therefore adding the reinforcement will help to strengthen the overall structure. 

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