Drainage & Rainwater Management

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Drainage & Rainwater Management

Drainage and Rainwater Management is an important part of many projects because without efficient drainage we would be more prone to flooding, which would cause problems for buildings and land. Not only that but if waste could build up, bacteria would thrive in turn increasing the potential for the spread of disease.  

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we work closely with ACO to provide an expansive solution for surface water control.  

Plastic drainage systems are popular because they are lightweight and easy to use, as well as offering flexibility and strength. Plastic is also able to transport water through land that has been contaminated without fear of anything nasty passing into the water. 

Our rainwater plastic plumbing systems are designed to collect and move rainwater either for harvesting (perhaps to water your garden) or directing it into the main drainage system. This is essential around all buildings, as is prevents damage caused by a build-up of water. 

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