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Roofing Felts

Roofing Felts

What is Roofing Felt? 

Roofing Felt is a sheet-type material that is commonly used for the roofing of garden buildings, particularly sheds, but also garages and garden offices. It can also be placed under slating or tiles as a secondary membrane for pitched roofing or as built up felting for a flat roof. 

The material contains asphalt; sometimes referred to as bitumen; which is a sticky black substance that is essentially a solid form of petroleum. The bituminous nature of Felt means that it creates an excellent waterproof barrier that is perfect for being placed beneath the main roofing material. 

This waterproofing nature help to prevent leaks or water damage caused by the elements, whilst acting as a useful “back-up” layer should the main roofing material be ripped off by strong winds which will ensure that the interior remains protected.