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Roofing Felts

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What is Roofing Felt?  

Roofing Felt is a bituminous base layer commonly used for garden buildings. It can also be used as a secondary membrane for pitched roofing or as built up felting for a flat roof.  

The material contains asphalt; which is a sticky black substance and a solid form of petroleum. The bituminous nature of felt creates an excellent waterproof barrier that is perfect for being placed on top of the surface and beneath the main roofing material.  

Why use Roofing Felt? 

  1. Rain Protection. During harsh weather conditions, winds can drive rain underneath the shingles of a roof. This puts the interior of the building as risk and susceptible to damage caused by leaks and rotting. Roofing Felt prevents this from occurring by moving the water off the roof before it can penetrate the building. 

  1. Melting Snow. Following heavy snowfall, snow tends to melt gradually, and the water must go somewhere. Roofing Felt acts as an extra barrier to prevent the water from trickling into your home through any weaknesses. 

  1. Uniformity. Roof Felt can help to even out the surface of your roof if it doesn't lie flat by itself.