Flag & Kerb

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Flag & Kerb

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies stock flags and kerbs of all shapes, colours, styles and sizes, which can be ordered to create whatever look you require.

What is a Kerb?

A kerb is the raised edge that runs along the roadside edge of a footpath. Kerbs are recommended to offer extra support to the sides of pavements, and it is common – in the UK – for the kerb to be combined with the guttering, allowing rainwater to flow down into drains. They are also aesthetically pleasing, and create a more finalised look to pavements. 

High Containment Kerbs are stronger than normal kerbs and are used when the pavement needs greater protection, for example in areas where large, heavy vehicles pass or where pedestrians need extra protection.

Dropped Kerbs are used to aid pedestrians, wheel chairs, prams and  vehicles from getting on and off the pavement, for example at pedestrian crossings and driveways.