Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting


A rainwater harvesting system is a great way of conserving and making better use of rainwater, rather than allowing it to flow done the drains.

What is classed as Rainwater?

Rainwater is virtually impossible to catch, so when we talk about rainwater Harvesting we are referring to water that has been collected from external surfaces of buildings, such as the roof. That water is diverted away from drains, into a separate storage system.

The garden system has many benefits such as ensuring that water is always available when you need to use large-volumes of water, such as washing your car, watering the garden (especially ideal for larger gardens) and topping up ponds.

The home system is a direct feed which switches between water that is stored, and mains water which will inevitably help to reduce the cost of household bills.

If rainwater is going to be used within the home, it is important that the storage facility is fully protected against contaminants such as dirt and dust using suitable covering.

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