What is Rock Wool?

Rock Wool is a stone-based form of insulation that is sourced from the lava found in volcanic rocks. As well as being a great form of thermal insulation, it is popular for creating fire protection and to help sound proof an area.

Rock Wool contains at least 95% stone wool, however despite the name, it is not as heavy as it sounds and one person should be able to fit the insulation on their own.

It is most commonly used in walls, flooring and in loft spaces to ensure a building is warm, as well as protected against fire. 

How is Rock Wool made?

The molten rock used to create Rock Wool is melted down in a furnace with an average temperature of 1600°C, with the idea of mimicking what occurs inside a volcano.

The resulting lava is spun in a process that is very similar to the one used to turn melted sugar into Candy Floss, creating the fluffy consistency of wool. The Rock Wool is then shaped, based on the application that the wool is to be used for.