At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we offer a variety of Plastering Accessories to help make your plastering job easier and quicker, including:

  • Hawks
  • Floats

What are Hawks?
Sometimes referred to as a “hod”, a Hawk is a board-like tool that a Plasterer will use to temporarily hold the plaster before it is placed onto a surface, such as a wall, using a trowel. The main purpose of a Hawk is to allow you to have the plaster literally at-hand so that application can be quick and easy.

Hawks are usually fairly lightweight, and many plasterers opt for soft handles as they are easier to manage and less likely to result in Callouses on the hands. Plastering Professionals, who are likely to use a Hawk on a regular basis, are recommended to purchase one that is made from a heavy gauge material – such as Aluminium – to allow for durability.

What are Floats?
A Float is a smooth hand tool that is used to prepare an area of plaster in preparation for the final application, by leaving a smooth surface. This smooth surface ensures that the area is as level as possible.

Traditionally Floats were made out of wood, however, today they are more likely to make them from metal or sponge. Magnesium Floats, for example, are able to create a much smoother finish than a wooden one is able to. A Sponge Float, on the other hand, is ideal for use if you are only applying one coat of plaster.