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Plastering Accessories are the products that it’s easy to forget about, but are an essential part of the plastering process at various stages, whether mixing the product, carrying it around to where you need it or applying it to a wall.

Black Tubs and Buckets: Tubs and Buckets are the easiest and most efficient method of carrying prepared plaster around a site and can carry heavy quantities. Buckets are generally sturdier than tubs, however the flexibility of the tub design makes them ideal for larger quantities.

Mesh and Metal Lath: These are the backbone of your plaster job, as they allow you to add reinforcement to your wall, ensuring that once set, the plaster is strong and resilient. They also prevent cracks occurring in both brick and block masonry. Mesh can also be resilient against other factors, including alkaline.

Joint Tape: Used to cover seams, the tape allows you to create and reinforce an invisible join.

Grit: Containing a very fine grit, these are a bonding agent that aims to ensure that the surface is perfectly smooth.

Stabilising Primer: Used on walls that have been primed before and are likely to be problematic.