GRP Roofing

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GRP Roofing

GRP Roofing, or Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic, is an alternative waterproofing system for flat roofing and is manufactured from a combination of a roofing resin, OSB board, fibreglass matting and top coat that is guaranteed for 20 years. As such it is a great choice if you are fitting a new roof, or are looking to replace existing flat roofing material that has begun to leak.

Not only will still type of fibreglass roofing prevent leaks, it will also help to reduce the loss of heat/

GRP is of course most commonly used on flat roofing, as well as balconies and walkways, however as the material doesn't have either seams or joints, it is also suitable for lining ponds and boats, as well as being resilient against all weather conditions.

This type of roofing  is applied cold, meaning that it doesn't hold any of the risks that are known for materials that have to be applied using heat.

Laying GRP Roofing is a fairly simple process, however there are a few rules that are recommended to ensure the job is done correctly, therefore if you want to install GRP by yourself (without the help of a professional) we recommend attending a training session.