Tiles are the most popular form of roofing, and have been a firm part of global history for thousands of years. Part of their mass appeal is their sturdiness and their ability to prevent rain from penetrating the roofing, by encouraging the water to run down the roof, with no areas for pooling.

Originally, the majority of tiling was made from Terracotta, however stone-based materials such as Clay, Concrete and Slate are now the common choices, as stone is harder than Terracotta, making it more durable.

Choosing the right Roof Tiles

Concrete has been the most commonly used tile for roofing and as a man-made material, it creates a strong alternative to natural tiles.

Clay is a popular choice because it not only looks great, but it also offers high performance.

Clay and Concrete are often chosen over Slate, as Slate can be fairly expensive. Nevertheless, Slate should not be ignored as they are a long-lasting tile (slate tiles have been known to survive for hundreds of years) and require very little maintenance during their lifespan.

Tiles don’t all come in the same shape and/or style, and there are several that are popular in the UK:

Barrel Tiles are rounded tiles that are attached in alternating pattern with rows of concave and then convex.

Flat Tiles are a simple tile that overlaps in a fairly regular pattern.

Romanian Tiles or Single Lap Tiles are able to interlock with each other as they have different edges than slot together.