Corporate and Social Responsibility

Taking our responsibilities seriously. The Howarth Timber Group manages its business with pride and integrity.

The company is committed to full legal compliance in all that it does. Alongside this, it aims to provide a safe, fulfilling and rewarding career for all employees.

The Howarth Timber Group and all its divisions are also mindful and respectful of the communities of which the businesses are a part, and the company prides itself on ‘giving back’ to, as well as trading with, local people. The Howarth Timber Group will continue to develop community programmes which support our brand values and further promote our recognition as an active contributor to local development. 

We actively monitor and manage the environmental impacts of all our operations and will further develop our standing as a responsible business in the community. 

Finally, we will benchmark and evaluate what we do in order to constantly improve our competitive edge in the marketplace.