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Caulking Gun

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Caulking Gun

What is caulking?
Caulking is a method used to seal a joint or opening, either to make an area air or water tight. It can also be used to prevent dirt or insects from getting into an area.

Caulking has long been used to make ships and boats watertight, although the method is of course different to the one used in most house and office jobs, due to the different scales.

What is the difference between Caulk and Grout?
Grout is made up of a blend of cement, sand and water, whilst Caulk tends to be made from either silicone, polyurethane or something similar. Caulk is generally more watertight than grout, therefore is better for areas of the bathroom.

Caulk is typically sold in large cartridges that fit into a Caulking Gun, and it is the quality of the gun that makes the application easy and we have a variety of caulking gun sizes and options. Skeleton or sausage it all depends on the application and finish required.