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Gloss paints are suitable for interior woods and metals. They are notable for having a high-sheen finish that is reflective. Glosses that are available are typically either water or solvent-based.

Different Gloss Paints:
There are actually several types of Gloss currently available on the market, which are measured by the amount of gloss the paint contains. Therefore, the higher the gloss content, the more sheen the paint will have, and the less gloss content, the duller the sheen will be.

Where should I use Gloss Paint?
Gloss is known for providing a finish that is tough and durable, which makes it an ideal paint for surfaces that are going to be exposed to weather – either permanently or occasionally – such as doors, window frames and architraves.

The duller gloss paints – such as flat or matte – are ideal for interiors, as well as the ceiling, whilst higher gloss paints – such as High-Gloss – are best for doors and wood sashes.

The high shine of the glossier paints offers added protection from damage caused by moisture, but it is still really easy to clean.