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Category Information

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we offer a wide range of Specialist Paints such as Heavy Duty Floor Paints, as well as Quick Drying Primer Undercoats that are suitable for a variety of needs and purposes.

Matt Black Speciality Paint is non-reflective, making it ideal for offering a blackboard effect to walls, as well as panels, doors, scenery for stage productions, dark rooms and decorative ironwork.

Floor Paint is available in Tile Red, Empire Green and Slate, and made from a quick drying tough resin made from acrylic. It offers very little odour, and is suitable for use in areas that have very little traffic, that are made from timber, concrete, iron or steel.

Primer Undercoat is a quick drying primer sealer that can be used to prime and seal a variety of surfaces including timber, masonry, panelling, tiles (either glazed or ceramic), door, windows and plaster.