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Category Information

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we offer a wide range of Decorating and Finishing products that are great for new applications, repair work and complete makeovers. Our expansive collection includes Weatherproof Sealants that are great for external use to prevent wind and rain from penetrating small gaps in the property.

We offer three main ranges of Weatherproofing Sealant:

Dow Corning 791 offers excellent adhesion without the need for preparation in the form of a primer. It is suitable for use on brickwork, timber, PVC, glass and masonry.

The Works range is a multi-purpose sealant and adhesive that is suitable for both wet and dry situations, and is able to cure under water.

The Works XXX range consists of adhesives that are incredibly strong. The bond very quickly to almost any wet or dry surface, including Metal, PVCu, Stone, Wood, Glass and Concrete.