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External Doors

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External Doors have very different needs to internal ones. Not only do they need to allow you access in and out of your property, but they also protect it, offer privacy and create a first impression for the building. Essentially, external doors and door sets need to be stronger and more resilient against outdoor attackers, such as the elements (wind, rain, UV rays) and potential intruders.   

Choosing your Timber External Doors  

We offer a range of door options, in contemporary and traditional styles, and there are a couple of questions you should ask before making your final decision: 

  1. How much natural light and privacy do you want? Our fully panelled doors allow no light through, however, they offer the highest level of privacy. Our glazed external door options range from full glazed panels to small windows, and most external doors are frosted so that you still have some privacy. 
  2. Consider where the door will be placed. For example, a door that is placed inside a bricked porch is likely to need less protection from the effects of weathering, as one that goes straight onto the street or driveway. Consider how sheltering the local area may be for the door, including from trees, fencing etc. 

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies have a fantastic range of External Doors and Door Sets that will help to create a fantastic first impression. We offer a selection of styles in varying timbers that will beautifully complement your home whether you are aiming for a traditional look, or something a little more modern.   

Our wide range of Glazed Doors will brighten up even the darkest home with the benefit of natural sunlight. Obscure glazing is available if you want to keep a little privacy for your home, whilst unglazed options are also available. 

Our External Fire Door range offers you both safety and style all in one. They will help keep a fire at bay, preventing it from progressing through the threshold.  

Perfect for blocks of flats or any areas that need to meet building regulations, our fire doors are made to the highest safety specifications.  

Our French Doors are classic and will look absolutely stunning with most decors.

Polish, wax, and oil should not be used on exterior doors, as they are not able to seal it. This could cause problems for the veneers.

Taking care of your external doors right from the beginning will help to prolong its overall lifespan. Care should be taken as to where the door is stored prior to being installed. You should ensure that all finishing products, including paints and stains, are applied before timber doors are hung.