Flooring is an important part of any home and we understand how important it is to find the right carpet alternative that suits your needs and tastes. We will help you to find the one that will look great in your home, no matter if you own a beautifully rustic property or a super sleek modern one. 

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we offer a wide range of flooring options, including: 


Suitable for all areas of the home, vinyl is the perfect choice if you are looking for something that is soft underfoot that is easy to clean, hardwearing and resilient against spills. 


An alternative to solid wood flooring, a laminate is great if you are looking for something that is resilient against stains, scratches, and fading. 

Engineered Timber 

Another fantastic alternative to solid wood, Engineered Timber Flooring has the sheer beauty that makes solid wood floors a popular choice, but with fewer problems in areas that are prone to moisture and/or heat. 

Solid Wood 

Manufactured from hardwoods, solid wood flooring is built to last and offers all the drama you expect from timber including the natural knots and personality. 


Our branches also stock everything that you need to install and take care of your flooring, including: 

Floor Boards 

Our range of tongue and groove (TG) floorboards are the perfect base for your flooring, creating a solid foundation that is suitable for use with all types of final flooring. Floor boards are also ideal for creating flooring in loft spaces. 


Underlay is your secret weapon for combating a variety of common problems relating to flooring including squeaky floors, sound, and thermal insulation needs and levelling issues. 

Trims and Profiles 

Trims and profiles are a neat finishing touch, covering gaps where your flooring meets other surfaces including stairs. 


Scotia is used as a trim for the edge of your flooring, without needing to remove your existing skirting board.  


Skirting Boards are a nice finishing touch for the bottom of your walls where they meet your flooring; covering any unattractive gaps. Some of our skirting boards are reversible, with the profile that is placed against the wall being the perfect hiding place for wiring. 


Products designed to help make the installation process as quick and easy as possible.  


Designed to ensure that your timber floor looks as good as new, whilst ensuring that remains water resistant. 


Not sure which flooring would suit your needs? Have questions about which accessories to buy? Get in touch with your local branch, where our expert staff will be happy to help.