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Whether you have chosen laminate, vinyl or wooden flooring for your home, once it is in place, you are going to want to keep that new floor feel for as long as possible. The easiest way of achieving that – without completely refitting your floor – is to regularly clean it and ensure that it continues to be fully protected against everything from dirty marks and scuffing, to scratches. 

Cleaning products should also be used to add extra benefits to your flooring, for example, resistance to water. 

No matter which flooring you have, we recommend always checking any cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that any products you use will not damage the surface.  

For day-to-day cleaning, we recommend using a damp cloth rather than a wet mop which can cause too much liquid to seep into the flooring and cause long-term damage. Spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible, and soft sweeping brushes and vacuum cleaners should be fine to use.


Not sure which cleaning products are suitable for your flooring? Our experienced staff at your nearest branch will be happy to help.