Engineered Timber

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Engineered Timber

Engineered Wooden Flooring is an excellent alternative to solid wood flooring, that looks just as good. It is made up of various layers, including wood at its core, beneath a hardwood veneer. The hardwood veneer is, of course, the most important for most of it, as this is what we have to look at every day once the flooring has been laid. The top layer will typically have a coating that gives it a unique finish such as lacquer, rustic, antique and smoked. It could be made from a variety of woods including Walnut and Oak. 

Why use Engineered Wooden Flooring? 

  • Ideal for home, office and high-traffic commercial applications, Engineered Timber Flooring combines the beauty of natural wood with a flooring that is strong, secure and reliable. 

  • The layered design creates a type of flooring that is stable and resilient against both heat and moisture, two areas that solid wood flooring is generally weak. 

  • Installation of Engineered Flooring is far easier than solid wood flooring, and once the flooring has been fitted, the tongue-and-groove profile ensures that there are no gaps between the pieces. 

  • Our range of Engineered Wooden Flooring includes products from some of the most popular leading brands including Quick-Step and Elka.