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What is a Laminate Floor?  

A Laminate Floor is a popular alternative solid wood flooring but without the problems that timber is renowned for.  

Laminate is made up of four different layers:  

  1. At the bottom is the balancing layer. This helps to prevent your flooring from bowing (curving in the middle) if the flooring is installed correctly.  

  1. The next layer is an HDF (High-Density Fibre) Board that is both moisture-resistance and durable. This helps to protect your flooring when liquids are spilled on to it.  

  1. Next is the most important layer because it is the layer that gives the real wood effect that you and your family will be able to see and that complements your home. Named the design layer, it is essentially a high-resolution photograph of real wood that has been created using innovative technology methods.  

  1. On top of the design layer, is a transparent overlay that is wear-resistant and protects the surface of your laminate flooring from spillages, stains, scratching, impact etc.  

We offer a wide range of laminates from the Quick Step range in both planks or tiles, to suit your tastes or the requirements of your space, with a selection of colours from the pale subtleties of grey to the rich tones of Dark Brown. There is a laminate the suit the colour palette that you are aiming for, no matter if you are looking to create a contemporary or traditional feel to your home.  

Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring  

Hardwood is commonly considered to be the best flooring option due to its durability and strength, however, there are many reasons why you might choose to purchase a laminate instead.  

Hardwoods are sourced from slow-growing trees, that are difficult to replace. This effectively pushes the cost of the flooring upwards making it an expensive option for many of us. Laminates, however, are manufactured from composite materials with a "photo" of the hardwood placed on top, creating a flooring that is considerably more affordable.  

The pressed wood nature of laminate also ensures that it is more durable than hardwoods, which tend to be easier to scratch. Laminates are easier to clean without worrying that cleaning products might damage the material.  

Quick Step Laminate Flooring is typically sold in planks or tiles, allowing you to create authentic flooring that is simple to install using Uniclic flooring (click) or tongue and groove methods. The Uniclic laminate locking system was developed by Unilin and is the method of choice amongst professional installers.  

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we stock both Elka and Quick Step laminate flooring options, with a wide range of colour and design specifications to suit almost every need, budget, and taste.  

Our Quick Step Laminates are available in seven different varieties, to suit your tastes and requirements: 

Perspective. With deep, straight v-grooves, these are an elegant style of laminate. 

Largo. Long and grooved planks. 

Elite. An elegant choice of laminate, these have subtle edging. 

Eligna. Resistant against water, these are not elegant laminate that does not have v-grooves. 

Arte. These are large square-shaped tiles with a subtle v-groove. 

Exquisa. These offer a tactile surface structure. 

Impressive. These are a medium-sized laminate tile with bevels. They offer resistance against water. 

What is V-Groove?

V-Groove is a type of bevelled edging that helps the laminate to give the appearance of a natural wooden flooring.


Ideal for both domestic living areas and commercial situations.