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Vinyl Flooring around the Home 

Vinyl Flooring is a great addition to any home; whether you are looking for something traditional and rustic, or something modern and distinctive; as it can create a real “wow” factor to any room or be as subtle as you choose.  

Suitable for most areas of the home and is a popular choice because unlike some types of flooring, vinyl is both soft and quiet underfoot. Not only that, but it is also incredibly hardwearing and functional, with fewer maintenance requirements than traditional flooring. 


Kitchens floors are renowned for potential spills and stains, so vinyl is an obvious choice for flooring for kitchens because it is easy to wipe clean and stains can be removed without hassle. Kitchens are a key part of the home for most of us, and it is a room that generally holds a lot of your individual personality because we all use our kitchens in a very different way. Vinyl flooring is great because you can match it to suit the overall feel of your space, complementing your cupboards and worktops perfectly.   


With potential spills from baths, showers, sinks, and toilets, bathroom flooring is another great choice for vinyl; as large amounts of water can be quickly removed with a mop and won’t cause damage to the vinyl which is water resistant. Choosing vinyl flooring for bathrooms is a simple way of adding personality to your space and creating a type of floor that isn’t cold underfoot. 


Looking for a wooden floor, but don’t want it ruined by dirty shoes and paws? Hallway vinyl flooring makes it easier to clean marks, without the worry of scratches. Not only that, but vinyl flooring is tough enough to handle the heavy traffic that hallways are renowned for.  

Dining Room 

Like kitchens, dining rooms are prime locations for spilled food and drinks, so having a flooring; such as vinyl; that is super easy to clean is a great advantage, especially if you have small children or regularly hold dinner parties.