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Keylite Windows

Category Information

Keylite offer a huge range of roof windows and with so many different styles, roof window sizes and glazing options you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

1.       Type. Keylite offer the following types of windows for Pitched Roof Windows:

  • Centre Pivot: Suitable for roof windows between 15- 90 degrees.
  • Top Hung/Fire Escape: Suitable for windows between 15 – 75 degrees. This includes a wipe clean coating which has moisture resistant qualities. This type of roof window is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and other humid spaces.
  • Conservation: Designed to complement both renovation and new build projects in a traditional style.

2.       Size. Choose the size of your roof window you require.

3.      Finish. Keylite offer three excellent finishes which all have their own benefits.

  • Polar White PVC: Is exceptionally moisture resistant is and is a maintenance free PVC roof window option for every application. Keylite Polar White PVC roof windows have easy installation benefits compared to other Keylite ranges including Flick-Fit brackets, easy sash feature and integrated thermal collar which are included as standard. Keylite Polar White PVC roof windows utilise the existing range of Keylite flashings for convenience and efficiency. The finish provided is a long life bright white and is guaranteed by upgrading to premium grade PVC materials ensuring that Polar remains maintenance free.
  • White Painted Pine: This finish is a roof window that is painted with a clean coat of white paint, which gives a moisture resistant property. Choosing white painted is for a contemporary style and looks great in any room.
  • Clear Lacquered Pine: This finish is a standard pine finish which enhances natural beauty of the wood, which has a hard wearing, clear satin lacquer applied in multiple coats.

4.       Glazing. There are a range of glazing options available for Keylite roof windows, choose from the below options:

  • Thermal: This is a standard glazing which incorporates warm edge technology by having a toughened outer pane and a centre pane u-Value of 1.0w/m2K.
  • Hi-Therm: You can upgrade to Hi-Therm glazing which is for additional safety and user features by having a toughened inner pane.
  • Triple: This is a top performing triple glazed option which provides maximum comfort featuring a lowest u-Value and a warm edge glazing unit.
  • Integral Blind: This provides an easy care solution where the blind is provided inside the glazing unit which protects this from damage and dust.
  • Electric Integral Blind: Choose between a wall switch or remote control to operate.

5.       Operation. Choose how you want the roof window to operate:

  • Manual
  • Electric Kit with wall switch: The standard electric kit is a wall mounted switch that is easy to control. You can wire up to two electric roof windows to a single switch (more than two will require additional transformer switches). It is pre fitted with a 24v DC window actuator. Please note this cannot be directly connected to the mains.
  • Premium Electric Kit with rain sensor and remote: The Premium Electric kit is a simple plug in and power up system. There is an external rain sensor that automatically closes the electric roof window. It features 15 channel capacity with a handheld remote control included. It operates multiple electric roof windows and blinds. It includes a pre-fitted upgraded Electrical Control Unit.

6.       Flashing. Choosing a flashing kits is important as they are the most efficient way to ensure a watertight installation for your windows and have been designed to integrate efficiently with specific roofing materials.

  • Slate: Flashing for single window installation into slate up to 10mm thick. Not to be used with interlocking slate. Suitable for roof pitches between 15 – 90 degrees. Suitable for material profile max 10mm. Suitable for: CP / TH / FE
  • Deep Tile: Flashing for single window installation into flat or profiled interlocking tiles. Also suitable for interlocking slate and profiled sheeting. Suitable for roof pitches between 15 – 90 degrees, material profile of max 90mm. Suitable for: CP / TH / FE
  • Plain Tile: Flashing for single window installation into plain tiles. Not to be used with interlocking plain tiles. Suitable for roof pitches between 25 – 90 degrees and material profile of maximum 15mm. Suitable for: CP / TH / FE

If you need any brochures/downloads or videos to help with installation please see our downloads section and videos on each product page.