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Transform Your Space
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Category Information

What are Roof Windows 

Roof windows are interesting because unlike traditional windows which are fitted into walls, roof windows are designed exclusively for installation into roofing. They are a great way of adding light and air to a roof conversion etc.  

We offer a complete system of roof windows, to suit a wide variety of different needs, including:  

White Painted, Polyurethane or Pine Windows – The popular choices that are suitable for most standard window types  

Electric and Solar Power Windows – Perfect for situations where windows are difficult to reach  

Flat Roof Windows – A flat roof doesn’t mean you can’t add light to your home. Having a flat roof doesn’t have to mean you live in darkness. Flat Roof Windows are a simple method for adding lots of natural lighting to your home, whilst providing plenty of ventilation.   

Conservation Roof Windows – If you live in a period building that is subject to conservation restrictions, these are designed to replicate the original windows. Designed to blend naturally into the roofing of older buildings, Conservation Roof Windows offers a traditional appearance that is perfect if you live in a conservation area or own a house that requires a specific type of window.  Whilst the outer profile of conservation roof windows is black, the inside is manufactured from a discreet pine wood with a bright white finish, perfectly matching most interiors.  

Sun Tunnels – Perfect for hallways, or areas where it’s not possible to add windows but you want more than lamps. Sun tunnels for flat roofs as well as pitched roofing are a simple method of adding natural lighting to parts of your home where it is not possible to fit a standard window, for example in hallways, bathrooms, stairwells, even walk-in cupboards and anywhere that has no more than 6metres of roof space.  

Balconies – Ideal if you are looking to merge indoors with outdoors, these fully opening windows are a great Roof Window. Balcony Roof Windows are an innovative method of opening your loft space, which is ideal if your interior space is limited, or you don’t have any outdoor space such as a garden to enjoy. The Roof Window brings the outside world into your home, not only inviting in plenty of natural lighting, but also fresh air, whilst allowing you to step outside when you need to clear your head a little. Balcony Roof Windows are also an excellent way of utilising the eaves, which are one of the most commonly wasted areas in a home.  

If your interiors are small, the upper section of the balcony is top hung and opens outwards, so that it doesn’t take up any unnecessary space in your loft. The bottom section unfolds into a glazed balcony with side railings for extra security, which is essential if you have small children or pets.  

Glazing Options:   

Safety – These are laminated for extra strength  

Noise Reduction – Ideal if you live near a busy road, or want to minimise the sound of rain hitting the window  

Enhanced Noise Reduction – Whilst minimising noise, this one is also great for thermal insulation, with an extra external coating that prevents condensation  

Energy Efficient – With an anti-dew coating, condensation is prevented from building up on the outer window, this window is triple glazed with a laminated inner pane  

Opaque – Suitable for rooms that require a little extra privacy, such as bathrooms  

Enhanced Security – For complete peace of mind, this window offers Class P4A resistance against burglaries.  


Manual – The most common choice, Manual Windows feature a control bar typically at the top for convenience  

Electric – Perfect for areas that are difficult to reach, Electric Windows are operated with a control pad that is fully programmable. Also, ideal if you want more control even when you are not home  

Solar Powered – Similar in theory to Electric, this is operated with a control pad, however, it is not powered by your mains electrics, reducing the need for wiring as well as your energy bill.