Door Frames, Door Linings & Casings

Whether you’re looking for door frames, door linings or door casings, we have a wide selection of size and colour options to complement most door styles. Our useful kits include everything you need to build a top hung internal door system, and they can be used with a variety of internal wooden doors.


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  • Timber Redwood Door Casing 2ft 6in

    Timber Redwood Door Casing 2ft 6in

    £29.85 - £44.78 (Ex VAT)
    £35.82 - £53.74 (Inc VAT)
    Door casings are ornamental trimmings that also provide support for hanging and maintaining an entranceway in place. They come with a timber stop already installed to prevent swing-through, saving you time from having to install one individually.
  • Door Lining Including Stop 2ft 6in

    Door Lining Including Stop 2ft 6in

    £33.66 - £40.06 (Ex VAT)
    £40.39 - £48.07 (Inc VAT)
    This Door Lining including Stop is manufactured from high quality Whitewood. It is an easy to apply and cost-effective way of creating a frame for internal doors that includes door stops. The timber can be painted or stained to the end user���s preferred...

Door Frames, Door Linings & Casings

A door frame is often overlooked or never acknowledged for the role it plays in holding a door in place. It’s important to know which kind of door you need, and at Howarth, we have a wide selection of door frames and sizes for you to choose from.

A standard door frame size is 6ft 8in, with the door frame size being generally wider than the door opening. Other door frame sizes can come as small as 6ft 6 inches, and as tall as 6ft 8.3 inches.

What is door lining?

A door lining is a frame, usually made of wood, that is used to prevent doors from jamming or sticking and is also used to conceal the brickwork or timber surrounding the door itself. The lining makes the door look more appealing, makes it easier to use, and protects the door from damage. To be able to work out door lining sizes, you will need to measure the height, width, thickness, and depth.

The normal thickness for door linings is usually about 1 1/82’’, whereas MDF door linings can fit door sizes for up to 204mm in height and 976mm in width. For door lining opening sizes, it’s important to leave 910mm for a standard door, and 1981mm for cupboard and wardrobe doors because of the better range of sizes available.

For door casing sizes, the most widely used door casing size is 2 ¼ inches in width but can range up to 3 inches. You will also need a door casing gap of 2mm around the sides and the top and a gap of 8mm around the bottom of the floor. Howarth Timber and Building Supplies offer untrenched casing sets which give you the freedom to place the grooves where you want them. This is useful if you are installing doors that are a non-standard size.

For further information and expert advice on door frames, please contact your friendly local Howarth branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an internal door frame, door lining, or both?
They serve different purposes, so when installing a new or replacement internal door that looks neat and opens and closes smoothly, you’ll need to have both. Internal door linings hide the gap between the door and the wall for a neat finish and prevent the door from sticking when opened and closed. Wooden door frames are the door’s supporting framework, so they attach to the door itself and hold it upright.