Decorative Aggregate

Decorative Aggregate

Decorative Aggregate

Decorative Aggregates are a simple and cost-effective method of revitalising and brightening up your outdoor area, whether it's a small patio, a driveway or a large water feature. We have a wide range of products to choose from:

Cobbles and Pebbles

Naturally rounded stones that have a smooth surface and tend to be a larger size. They are great for water features, rockeries and landscaping and are a popular choice because they are vivid under sunshine, whilst being bright and shiny when wet either from the rain or from your water feature.

Chippings and Gravel

Much smaller and are commonly mixed with cement to create a path or driveway. However, they are also great when used loosely to create interesting landscaping including borders, pathways and as part of borders.


A popular choice if you are looking for something a little more dramatic, especially as part of water features, as the wet surface creates a beautiful sheen.

We strongly recommend using a weed membrane beneath your decorative aggregates, as this will help to slow down the growth of weeds, reducing your need to apply weed killer products etc.

Unsure which decorative aggregate to use for you project? Your nearest branch will be happy to help.