Chippings are a low-cost material that require very little maintenance and are ideal for landscaping various aspects of your garden, allowing you to create a stunning garden that is modern and easy to manage.

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, we offer Chippings in various sizes in several colours, including:

Polar White Chippings

Available in 8 – 11mm, Polar White Chippings are great for brightening up an area, as they reflect light and offer a slight sparkle. When wet, they darken and are perfect for water features, although they should not be used around ponds, as they are not pond friendly.

Red Chippings

Ranging from 14mm to 25mm in size, Red Chippings are a similar colour to bricks and are ideally used for ground cover and are popular in landscaping, due to their vibrant colouring. They are also great for use on driveways.

Green Chippings

Sometimes called Welsh Green, these are an angular-shaped chipping.  The size of the chippings vary from 14mm to 24mm. When dry, they are olive green in colour, and darken substantially when wet. They are mainly used for ground cover and driveways.