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Decorative Gravel is typically made up of a variety of small stones and has a large number of uses, including transforming your garden, drive, path or pond creating an area that is functional and looks great. It can also be mixed with cement to create roads.

Gravel is formed as the result of weathering, which is why gravel tends to – although doesn’t always – have a smooth surface. Although it is naturally formed, Gravel is normally quarried from Gravel Pits that are most commonly found in Southern England.

The gravel that you buy is most likely to be Pea Gravel that is a pea-sized rock, rounded in shape and with a smooth surface, or Crushed Granite Gravel that isn’t smooth but is ideal for patio areas.

Golden Gravel is a low maintenance option that is ideal for creating gravel paths, driveways and stunning features in your garden.

Plants for Gravel Gardens

For many of us, gravel is nice but it just needs a little something extra to give it a bit of personality, and hence you might choose to pick out some gravel garden plants. However, which ones should you choose?

Gravel is best suited to Mediterranean-style plants, which are used to a lack of water – and thus ideal if you live in an area that is known for droughts. Some of the most popular plants you might choose include:

  • Artemesia
  • Lavender
  • Cistus
  • Phlomis
  • Euphorias
  • Santolina

These plants are great if you are also looking to attract bees and other insects to your garden, as they offer pollen and nectar. However, Weeds can be a big problem for gravel gardens, so we recommend laying a fabric over the soil to prevent them.

Golden Gravel is available in 2 sizes:

  • 10mm. A finer grade that is ideal for decorative areas of your garden
  • 20mm. A medium grade that is great for areas that you intend to use as pathways, particularly if the stones are angled in shape

We also offer gravel is 2 bad sizes:

  • Standard. Better for small projects, perhaps creating edges around your garden
  • Bulk. Ideal for larger projects, including constructing a pathway or drive.