Decorative Gravel is typically made up of a variety of small stones, and has a large number of uses, including transforming your garden, drive, path or pond creating an area that is functional and look great. It can also be mixed with cement to create roads.

Gravel is formed as the result of weathering, which is why gravel tends to – although doesn’t always – have a smooth surface. Although it is naturally formed, Gravel is normally quarried from Gravel Pits that are most commonly found in Southern England.

The gravel that you buy is most likely to be Pea Gravel that is a pea-sized rock, rounded in shape and with a smooth surface, or Crushed Granite Gravel that isn’t smooth, but is ideal for patio areas.



Although generally purchased for its decorative properties, gravel also has the benefit of being an excellent product in terms of security, especially for driveways, as gravel is noisy underfoot. Therefore, you will be alerted when anyone walks across your gravel. 

Decorative Gravel is available in a range of sizes from 3mm – 20mm and a variety of colours, such as:

Golden Gravel

Golden Gravel is a cheap, but hardwearing gravel that combines yellow, brown and cream coloured stones to create a warm golden-yellow look. Golden Gravel is a popular choice and comes in sizes of between 10mm and 20mm. It is mainly used for driveways and ground cover, however it is fish friendly making it ideal for use in borders and rockeries near ponds.

Cotswold Stone

Sometimes known as Limestone or Buff Chippings, Cotswold Stone is a very pale grey/white colour that is made from the Ooltic Jurassic Limestone that makes up the Cotswold Hills. Cotswold Stone is popular because it lays well and wears well, which makes a perfect path.

Yorkshire Cream

These soft cream-coloured chippings are ideally used for paths, driveways and patios and they deter weed, thanks to their ability to absorb water, which helps to prevent any kind of plant from growing. The light colour is popular, because it looks soft when the sun is shining, and shiny when it is raining, which brightens up an area. 


Canterbury Spa

Angular in appearance, Canterbury Spa Gravel ha a mix of red, white and grey stones. It is mainly used for pebble dashing, but is also popularly used for landscaping as well. It can also be used near ponds, as it is fish friendly.