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Pebbles are decorative stones that are an attractive addition to your garden, offering beautiful colours in distinctive shapes that are larger than most other types of decorative aggregate, making them an eye-catching choice. They are suitable for a variety of uses in your outdoor space, including:  

Flower Bed. Add pebbles to your flower bed for a nice finish that also protects the space from weed growth, allowing plants to thrive. This is also great if you are keen to create a rock garden or rockery. 

Edging. Create a divider or barrier between paved areas and a lawn that is distinctive and eye-catching.  

Fill Space. Great for filling spaces of any size, that need a little more than soil, such as around ornamental decorations such as lamp posts or plant pots  

Water Features. Garden pebbles are a great choice for use in water features because they have been naturally smoothed by streams over a long period of time. As a result, the stones of varying size glisten beautifully when wet as they reflect the light. They are also fish-friendly.  

Driveways. Pebbles make attractive driveways that are also ideal if you want to create a noisy area towards your home that will alert you to visitors.   

Flamingo Pebbles offer a subtle colour palette consisting of white, pale grey and baby pink stones. These colours deepen when wet, making them an ideal choice for the garden.  

Scottish Pebbles have a darker colour scheme with cream, grey and brown stones that are at their most attractive when wet and can shine in the sunlight.  

Bulk Bags are ideal for larger projects.