Slate sold by Howarth Timber & Building Supplies are large-sized chunks of flat slate that range in size between 5mm to 30mm, and are perfect for landscaping, rockeries, paths and driveways. Slate is a popular choice because it looks attractive, the stones have a smooth surface that glistens when wet and slate is renowned for lasting a long time. 

Slate is a fine-grained rock that is made up of clay and volcanic ash, and is a layered rock. This means that it is necessary to cut the rock along the grain, which in turn creates the smooth surface that it is well-known for.


The smoothness of the chippings allows the slate to lay flat, making it ideal to walk on, hence why slate chippings are a popular choice for paths in gardens and recreation areas.

Our chippings come in an attractive range of colours and sizes, allowing you to create a modern look and feel for both your garden and your home.

We offer a range of chippings that are ideal for driveways, water features and borders, amongst many other applications, and are available in:

  • Blue – Ideal for planting areas, especially around ponds, as they are fish friendly
  • Green – Popular as it lays better than Green Granite
  • Plum – Sometimes referred to as Welsh Plum Slate.