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Slate is a fine-grained rock that is made up of clay and volcanic ash and is a layered rock. This means that it is necessary to cut the rock along the grain, which in turn creates the smooth surface that it is well-known for.

Slate is a popular choice for landscaping, rockeries, paths and driveways because it looks attractive, has a smooth surface that is ideal for walking across, and glisten when wet making them a great choice for areas around ponds or water features.

Why are Slate Chippings different colours?

Traditionally, Slate is grey in colour, however, the decorative slate that we offer for garden use is more likely to be plum, blue or green. These different colours are not created artificially, but rather naturally based on the levels of iron that was present within the rock whilst it was forming. The overall colouring can also be affected by the existence of other organic materials.

Slate Mulch

Whilst most commonly being used in landscaping, it can also be used to create slate mulch to create borders and beds in your garden. The main benefit of creating a mulch is that the top soil the slate is mixed with, will to help plants and trees to grow. Slate is e a better option that using bark or compost as it won’t break down and rot over time.