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Garden Sheds and Storage

Category Information

Add some much-needed storage to your outdoor space with our wide range of garden sheds, available in a variety of sizes, with apex or pent roofing and using shiplap, overlap or pressure treated timber. 

We offer ranges of sheds can be used to store many things, including: 

  • Lawn Mowers 
  • Garden Furniture 
  • Gardening Tools 

They can also be used as a small home office or as a workshop for planting or hobbies. 

We also have a selection of garden storage solution that is ideal for: 

  • Storing logs, ready for winter 
  • Protecting wheelie bins from the elements 
  • Bike sheds, preventing them from rust 
  • Smaller storage boxes are ideal if you have limited outdoor space 
  • Tall garden stores are the perfect solution for long-handled tools or taller equipment. 

What is the difference between a Pent and Apex Shed? 

Pent and Apex refers to the shape and design of the roof of your garden shed. With a pent shed, the peak of the roof is at one side with a single slope, whilst the peak of an apex shed is in the middle with the roofing sloping down each side. 

Which roofing style you choose will often come down to taste, however most sheds tend to have apex-style roofing which is a popular and traditional style. However, pent is often chosen if the shed is to be located against the wall of your home or garage. 

If you intend to work inside your garden shed, an apex roof is more appropriate as the centre peak allows for more headroom where it is likely to be needed. The roof space made available by the design of the apex roof also offers extra storage for awkward items such as fishing rods and long-handled tools. 

Construction Explained: 

  • Overlap. Made using rough-sawn timber boards that are overlapped lengthways so that they run horizontally around the shed and slope a little to allow water to run off efficiently. 
  • Tongue & Groove. Slotting snuggly together, Tongue & Groove timber boards are tight fitting that helps to protect your shed from both wind and rain. 
  • Shiplap. This is a combination of overlap and Tongue & Groove constructions, in that it interlocks like T&G, however, it is also designed with a slant to encourage easy water runoff. 

Treatments Explained: 

Dip Treated. Guaranteed for 10 years, dip treatment is a short-term form of protection that involves the timber boards being dipped into an anti-fungal solution. 

Pressure Treated. Guaranteed for 15 years, pressure treatments penetrate deep below the surface of the timber, as the anti-fungal treatment is pushed into the wood through pressure.