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Summerhouses and Playhouses

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What are Summerhouses? 

Contemporary Summer houses are a garden building that is placed in your outdoor space like a shed. However, whilst sheds are typically used solely with the purpose of storing furniture and equipment; summerhouses are more functional. They add more living space outside of the building of your home. Whilst they may be named after the hottest season of the year, Summerhouses are incredibly versatile. They are suitable for use all year round, making them ideal for a wide range of purposes, including: 

  • Adding an outside area that can be used to work on your next project or hobby, perhaps as a home office or workshop 
  • Give your children a little freedom. Plus, the added extra of peace and quiet for you, as summerhouses make great sleepover solutions 
  • A living area for relaxing and escaping the banality of daily life 
  • Entertaining and enjoying some al fresco dining with friends and family 

Wooden Summer Houses aim to fit naturally into the natural aesthetics of your garden, with their timber constructions. 

What are Wooden Playhouses? 

Kids Playhouses are the perfect place to spark the imagination of boys and girls. They also allow them to enjoy being outdoors, giving them a home outside of their normal space. Garden Playhouses are a great way of creating space for independent technology-free play whilst inspiring their creativity, no matter what they are interested in. Here are a few ideas of where their imaginations could take them: 

  • Pirates Cave 
  • Prince or Princess Castle 
  • Reading Nook 
  • Look Out Tower 

Our range of summerhouses and children's playhouses are available in a variety of styles and designs. From the typical house to the multi-play house with various areas for different types of play, including the Tower Playhouse that is designed to stimulate young imaginations. 

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