Bark Chippings

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Bark Chippings

Bark chippings are a common sight in UK parks and recreation areas, but they are also useful in gardens. One of the main uses of bark chippings is as part of “bark mulch”, which is a great investment for any gardener if you don’t have the time to maintain an outdoor space, or who has problems bending over. 

Bark Chippings are high-quality material that is commonly used by gardeners and landscapers. They are popular because they look attractive when used to fill large soiled areas such as borders, as well as performing a variety of tasks for your garden. 

They can slow down the growth of weeds, by preventing sunlight from reaching the seeds that would normally thrive into an unwanted plant, particularly during the spring and summer months of the year. 

During the summer, the chippings naturally absorb moisture which they will filter deep into the soil, reducing the need for watering. Whilst during the winter, they help to insulate the soil, protecting plant roots from ground frost. 

They are ideal for use in play areas that includes play equipment because the bark chippings are more attractive than the mud that can also be messy when wet. It is also softer underfoot than concrete, which is safer for small children and animals to move across. 

The mulch can also be handy for hiding hose piping so that it doesn’t look ugly in your garden. 

They are an organic product that comes from the bark of common trees and has not been treated with any preservatives. This means that it will break down into a compost which will feed your garden, helping it to truly thrive without spreading any chemicals into the soil. 

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