Bark Chippings

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Bark Chippings

Garden Bark Chippings are a common sight in the UK, particularly used in gardens, landscaping and to create pathways predominantly because they are practical and look great. However, what exactly are bark chippings?

Bark Chippings are made from the bark of common trees that have been shredded into large chunks. A cost-effective option, they are most typically used as a “mulch” to create a top layer on top of the soil, because the wood naturally absorbs moisture which helps to reduce the growth of weeds. Not only that, by bark chippings can also help to make your outdoor area look attractive and interesting whilst being soft and safe enough for areas that will be used by small children or pets.

Bark Chippings Bulk are a great idea because it allows you to cover a good sized area whether it is the edge of your garden, or creating a larger area that is quiet underfoot such as children’s play area.

The chippings are easy to work with and are a low maintenance solution that helps to protect any existing plants due to their ability to retain water.

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