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Concrete Paving

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Concrete Paving Slabs are a popular choice for creating garden patios, garden paths and paved areas of all sizes. This includes practical bases for sheds and other garden buildings. There are many reasons why concrete is a great paving option over the natural stone alternative, including:   

  • High Strength. Concrete paving products are man-made using cement, sand, aggregate, and water. These allow the consistency to be controlled to create paving that offers a great deal of strength. This durability makes them an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial situations such as car parks, pavements, and promenades.    
  • Low Maintenance. Due to the way they are made, concrete slabs are less likely to crack and need replacing. The only maintenance that you should need to perform on them is cleaning them with a little water and a sweep down with a brush. Heavier stains can be easily removed using a pressure washer.   
  • Great Wear. Concrete is incredibly hard wearing making it resilient against the elements, vehicles and general footfall.   
  • Weather Deterioration. Extreme weather conditions, particularly temperatures moving between the freezing and thawing process, can have an impact on some types of paving. Concrete, however, easily resists most forms of deterioration   
  • Appearance. There’s a myth that concrete means “ugly” or “boring”, however, this isn’t necessarily the case. Our range of concrete paving stones is available in a wide range of colour options and many have a riven surface to add character.  

Complete your concrete block paving by adding a few plant pots and garden furniture.    

Need help choosing the right concrete paving for your needs? Your nearest branch will be more than happy to assist you.