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Natural Stone Paving

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Natural Stone Pavers that are great if you are looking to create an area of your garden that features a traditional, time-worn paving stone. Popular amongst customers who live in cottage-style homes, as well as those who want a more traditional style of paving stone that looks fantastic.    

High-quality natural stone paving slabs usually consist of stones that have been extracted from nature, rather than being man-made. What this means is that the stone is typically irregular in colour with no two stone flags, paving stone or setts looking the same. This is great if you are looking to create a more rustic feel.   

Most of our natural stone paving comes in sets that include flags, paving stone or setts in a variety of sizes giving you the freedom to create a unique patio area, mixing up all the different stone shades as you wish.   

At Howarth Timber & Building Supplies, our natural stone paving is typically either sandstone or limestone.  

Natural stone products are a popular choice and come in a variety of colour options:  

  • Buff  
  • Light Grey  
  • Golden Fossil (Yellow)  
  • Raj Blend  
  • Modak (Orange)  

There are several reasons why sandstone is a great choice:  

  • Sandstone is a naturally attractive option offering unique colours and patterns with plenty of character.   
  • The slabs are calibrated which ensures that they are all consistently the same shape and size; this makes them easier to install.  
  • Having taken potentially millions of years to form, sandstone is incredibly durable  
  • Once installed, sandstone should just need a brush and occasional clean. It won’t need any further maintenance.  

Our Limestone Paving is available in Black Kadapha and there are many reasons why this is a great choice:  

  • Limestone has a nice smooth and shiny finish that looks fantastic when dry but really comes to life when wet and the colour darkens to a richer black tone.  
  • The uniform nature of limestone is great for modern landscaping.  
  • The versatility of the natural stone makes it perfect for a range of areas including pathways, patios and courtyards.  

Our sandstone paving range includes a variety of types of outdoor flooring options, allowing you to create the perfect sandstone paving for your tastes and needs. 

Unsure which natural stone paving to choose? Contact your nearest branch for advice and guidance.