Planting & Composters

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Planting & Composters

If you’re green-fingered, our range of planters and composters are environmentally friendly, practical and attractive additions to your outdoor space, whether you have a large patio or a small balcony to work with.


Our range of Planters includes a wide selection that has been designed specifically with accessible gardening in mind. Ideal for wheelchair users and anyone with reduced levels of mobility, these raised planters mean that you don’t need to bend down or stoop to tend to your plants or flowers.

Raised planters are also a great solution if you are keen to lift your plants up away from predators such as snails and slugs.

Raised Beds

Raised beds are a distinctive addition to gardens of any size, creating extra space to be utilised for the growth of everything from delicious vegetables to pretty flowers. They are the perfect solution if you have a concrete or pebbled garden, but also make a great feature in a grassy area or on the edge of a patio.

Potting Benches

Any budding gardener is going to need a potting bench. Great for creating a distinct area, perhaps inside a shed, a potting bench is an ideal place to store your planting equipment whilst providing a spot to organise your plants and flowers, as necessary.


Save money and reduce your garden waste into something more productive with these environmentally friendly solutions. Compost helps to improve your soil, encouraging the growth of plants, flowers, and vegetables.

Cold Frames

A Cold Frame is a low timber box that is topped with a glass lid. It is typically used to grow small plants without using artificial heating. The frame helps to protect smaller plants whilst they are still vulnerable, from predators or even cold snaps before moving them out into your garden. It can also be used to protect plants that would otherwise die off during the winter months, as the frame creates the ideal conditions for it to “survive”.