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Garden Edging plays a key role in overall garden design, creating a visible line to separate your grass from a paved area or a flower bed. Edging is a simple alternative to a fence border that is less “invasive”, instead creating a neat definition whilst ensuring that your garden looks attractive. 

Creating a rigid garden border edging helps to prevent grass from growing amongst your flowers, whilst also stopping ground materials such as soil, mulch or gravel from spreading across your lush green turf and spoiling its appearance and causing problems for any machinery you might use such as your lawn mower. 

Garden lawn edging can act as a “mowing strip” that helps to keep the edges of your grass neat, eliminating the need for constant lawn edge trimming. When using your lawn mower, the strip will alert you as to when you need to stop, preventing you from accidentally moving the machine too far and ruining your flowers and plants. 

Concrete Edging is a section of preformed concrete that is ready to put into place in your garden straight away. Other available options include wood and stone. Whichever option you choose, they are all low-maintenance and fully weather resistant so once they are in place, you won’t need to worry about them. 

Neaten up your garden with our range of garden edging products, available online and from your local branch.