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A Garden Wall is a key part of garden design, creating an attractive alternative to a garden fence. Walls are usually placed around the perimeter of the land you own (often referred to as boundary walls). However, it can also be used to separate interior sections of your garden. Its purpose is commonly for security, whilst ensuring pets are kept inside and other animals out.  

Garden Walls are also useful for keeping soil in place. This is useful if your garden has a natural slope. It can help to reduce noise from traffic and footpaths that run along the boundary of your property.  

Walls are typically made from either brick or stone and may feature weather coping to protect it from the elements. Pier caps may be added where the wall ends in corners or when it meets the driveway. 

You will not normally need to apply for planning permission for a garden wall, except in the following situations:  

  1. Your new wall will be higher than 2 metres. If the wall will be adjoining either a footpath or a road, this reduces to 1 metre  
  2. You live in a development with an open plan design. You may need to check that there aren’t any conditions that override the common guidance for walling.   
  3. You live in a listed property  
  4. You share a boundary with a listed property*  

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