De-Icer & Rock Salt

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De-Icer & Rock Salt

Our De-icing range is ideal for those chilly frosty mornings, when your driveway is slippery and your car windscreen completely frozen over.

Halite, or Rock Salt, as it is commercially known is Sodium Chloride in its mineral form. It is commonly used commercially and by residents as a method of de-icing a pavement or driveway, typically by spreading the Rock Salt across the surface.

How Does Rock Salt Work?

Rock Salt works by combining with water to create a “brine”, which has a lower freezing point to plain water. This means that when Rock Salt is placed onto water that is near 0 degrees Celsius, the solid ice will melt, returning to its water-form.

This makes Rock Salt an effective product when temperatures are low, to melt both ice and snow, reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Our De-Icer is exactly what you need as an absolute essential in your car’s Winter Kit that should also include warm blankets and a shovel. De-Icer can remove ice from your windows quickly and easily, alongside a simple scraper.  The product melts the ice, whilst preventing it from re-freezing which is important when temperatures are low.