Sheds are made from high quality timber and can be designed in many ways. Choose how many windows and doors you need or how you want your shed roof to be constructed. There are so many designs, sizes and styles to choose from.


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    Albany Sheds Norfolk Double Door Shed Treated

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    The 3m x 1.8m Norfolk double door shed has an Apex roof allowing more height inside the structure. This shed is constructed from tongue and groove shiplap even the floor and roof! Shiplap is advantageous as it allows water to run off it, this can...


Garden sheds are incredibly popular garden storage options throughout the majority of UK properties. Whether you have a shed in your garden or on an allotment, they provide much-needed storage and are available from Howarth in a wide variety of sizes and styles including apex or pent roofing, and shiplap or overlap structures.

Garden storage shed

Garden storage sheds can be used for storing many things that you wouldn’t want to have inside your home including lawn mowers, garden furniture, and gardening tools. They can also be used as an outdoor home office or workshop.
Small garden storage sheds are ideal for garden tool storage, spare planting pots, and other gardening equipment.
Large garden sheds are perfect for use as an inexpensive extension to your home, such as a gym, office, or place to relax.

Garden shed construction explained

Overlap sheds are made using rough-sawn timber boards that are overlapped lengthways so that they run horizontally around the shed, sloping a little to allow water to run off efficiently.

Tongue & Groove
Slotting snuggly together, tongue & groove timber boards are tight fitting without gaps to help protect the interior of your shed from both wind and rain.

Shiplap is a combination of overlap and tongue & groove constructions. It interlocks like tongue & groove, however, is also designed to slant slightly similarly to overlap to encourage easy water runoff.

Treatments Explained

Dip Treated
When a shed is referred to as dip-treated, the timber boards have been dipped into an anti-fungal solution to provide short term protection.

Pressure Treated
Pressure treated timber has the anti-fungal treatment pushed into the wood through pressure, providing a longer-term protection.

With all timber products we recommend regular treatment to keep them in excellent condition and lengthen their lifespan. Shop our garden shed and treatment options on our website or pop into branch for more info and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Garden Shed Roof Options – What is the difference between a Pent and Apex Shed?
Pent and Apex are popular shapes and designs of the roof of a garden shed. A pent shed roof has the peak height at one side of the structure with a single slope down from it, whereas the peak of an apex shed is in the centre of the roof with a downward slope from both sides. The roofing style that you choose will often come down to taste, however the most popular style is apex roofing which is a traditional style. Pent roof sheds are often chosen if the shed is to be located against the wall of your home or garage. If you intend to spend time standing upright inside your garden shed, an apex roof may be more appropriate as the centre peak allows for more headroom. The roof space made available by the design of the apex roof also offers extra storage for awkward items such as fishing rods and long-handled tools.
How close can a shed be to a fence?
It needs to sit at least two metres from the boundary of a property, such as a fence or a wall.
Can you put a shed on gravel?
Lawn, gravel or dirt are not suitable bases.
Can you put a shed on paving slabs?
Yes, you can put a shed on paving slabs.
How much is a shed?
For 6ft x 4ft budget sheds on a simple slab base, the material would cost approximately £500 and £200 in labour costs. For an 8ft x 6ft shed on a slab base, it would cost on average £550 in materials and £300 in labour. For a larger shed at 12ft x 8ft shed on a concrete base, it would cost approximately £650 in material and £450 in labour.