Gates & Railings

Garden gates and railings are made from high quality timber. Whether you are looking for a traditional gate, framed ledged and braced or pedestrian gate; we've got you covered! Variety of sizes and styles online. Our garden railings also come in a variety of sizes and treatments. 


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  • LB Ext Pine Gate or Shed Door

    LB Ext Pine Gate or Shed Door

    A traditional style framed ledged and braced external pine gate This ledged and braced external gate or shed door has been manufactured using a tongue & grooved technique of interlocking each boarded panel with a ridge on one side. The LB external pine...

Gates & Railings

Garden gate and garden railing products are an important part of homes and gardens. Garden gates are often placed at the end of a driveway, or as a side gate between a building and a boundary fence. Gates are as much a part of your fencing as railings, creating an access point to an area. They often act as another doorway to your property and may be treated as a front door or as a welcoming part of your garden. An aesthetically pleasing yet functional garden gate will make a good first impression of your property. Complementing garden railings are a fencing option that fit neatly with garden gates.

At Howarth we offer a wide range of garden gates including high-quality timber gates and metal gates in different styles, shapes, and sizes to suit your garden railings and the overall look of your outdoor space.

A few factors for consideration when choosing garden gates:

If you are looking for increased privacy, close board panelled gates are great for this as they do not have gaps for people to look through.

Wooden gates that are braced and ledged are more heavy duty than some other gate options. A tall gate is also a good security choice and increases privacy too.

If you have pets who spend time in your outdoor space, you do not want them to be able to squeeze through gaps in your gate and fence. If this is a concern for your home, avoid gaps that they could fit through.

Garden gate style starts with choosing between metal and wooden garden gates. The decision that you reach is likely to be down to personal taste, as both are great options satisfying different needs. If you are choosing driveway gates, you might want to think about the fence panels you have, as well as the appearance of other gates in the local area.

You won't need planning permission to replace or improve an existing gate or if you don’t intend to increase the size of the gate. However, if you live in a conservation area, you will probably need to speak to your local authority. If the gate will be placed where there has never been one before, you may need to apply for permission if:
-The gate will be over 1m tall
-There is a planning condition or article 4 direction that affects your rights to place or alter gates
-Your home is a listing building
-You share a boundary with a listed building

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