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Introducing Jigtech

Discover the innovative tool that speeds up the installation of doors.

Fitting a door handle can be a lengthy process for most of us, with a lot of measuring to ensure that everything is in the right place. Dale Hardware has been a leading distributor of architectural and builder's hardware for more than 25 years; throughout which they have dedicated a lot of time and finances into innovation designed to make life easier for the DIYer as well as the joinery experts. 

As such, Dale Hardware identified a prominent gap within the industry for a new method of fitting door handles, that would revolutionise the way we install these essential pieces of ironmongery. 

The result: The Jigtech. 

What is Jigtech? 

Jigtech is a unique new door fitting tool that removes the need to manually measure and mark, making door installation quick and easy, reducing overall door fitting times from 25 minutes down to around 5 minutes. 

The Jig is the key to faster internal door installation and has been designed by industry experts and joiners guaranteeing accuracy. The tool has an auto-centering clamp that helps to ensure your handle is where you want it, and which can be adjusted to fit either a 44mm or a 57mm latch.  

Allen keys are included to help you set the handles, whilst the rubber seal prevents any damage being caused to veneered doors. The Jigtech Kit contains everything that you will need for installation. All you will need to have to hand is a power drill. 

  • The innovative Jig  

  • 2x Holesaw & Arbor in 25mm and 44mm sizes to create the holes within the door that the lever and latch inserts into 

  • 32mm Spade Bit to create the hole in your door frame for the strike plate to be inserted 

  • Keep Locator that goes in the hole for the latch and is used to help mark out where to place the strike plate in your door frame 

  • Latch Tapper that helps you to fit the latch flush within the door of the door 

How to choose your Jigtech Products: 

  1. Start by choosing the style of your lever 

  1. Now decide which finish you would like: All the door handles available through us are available in both Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome options. 

  1. Choose between a standard or smart latch: Standard latches have the traditional rectangular-shaped latch, whilst the Smart alternative is designed for quicker installation 

  1. Select between a normal or magnetic function: Magnetic functioning latches are activated by the magnet in both the latch bolt and the door frame. 

If you are adding latches to a bathroom or WC door, you should ensure that you purchase a latch with a privacy function. This allows the door to be looked from the inside simply by pushing the pin in. The door can then be released by operating the handle. 



Kat Musselwhite - HT Blogger