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Introducing: PipeSnug

PipeSnug - the innovative product that makes installing waste pipes easier.

The concept for PipeSnug came from the evolution of an idea by Chris Burdett; a builder and bricklayer with over 25 years’ experience in the trade.  Chris was on-site one day preparing to point mortar around a waste pipe for what seemed like the millionth time and thought that there had to be a better way of doing this.   

But there wasn’t... 

Soon after, Chris met Alex Lever through the school their kids go to.  One evening, over a drink (as you do!), Chris explained the problem to Alex and that a simple type of pipe fitting would do the job.  Alex had run several companies in various industry sectors and was looking for a new challenge.  He researched the market and concluded that there were indeed no plastic pipe fittings out there that did this job and that the sales opportunity looked very interesting! 

Alex and Chris formed a company, Snug Solutions Ltd., and set about designing the product, creating a brand, finding investment and securing patents and trademarks.  It took over 2 years of designing, prototyping, and testing (again and again!) before PipeSnug was finally launched at the Installer Live show in Coventry in May 2017. 


So, what is PipeSnug? 

PipeSnug is designed so that any plumber or builder can use it to seal the hole where a pipe exits a wall.  It is quicker to install, cheaper, neater and cleaner than pointing with mortar, or using silicone or expanding foam.  PipeSnug can be used on any plumbing or construction project – including extensions, loft conversions, new builds, new kitchens and bathrooms, and boiler installations. 

To make good round a hole will take on average around 20 minutes when you allow the time to mix the sand and cement properly, point the hole, tidy if off and wash your bucket and trowel.  Installing a PipeSnug takes less than 5 seconds.  And looks so much better! 

The air and water-tight seal that PipeSnug forms around the pipe elbow fitting means that it prevents warm air escaping and cold air from entering the building.  This helps maintain the energy efficiency of buildings and helps installers comply with Part L of the Buildings Regulations.  Another big benefit of this seal is that PipeSnug helps stop pests from entering a building.  Unlike the traditional methods of sealing around a pipe, PipeSnug will not crack and fall out over time, thereby ensuring the seal remains in place if the building does! 

Since it takes so little time to install, PipeSnug also offers health and safety benefits, as installers need to spend less time up a ladder, trying to point to those hard to reach places.  In addition, PipeSnug will hold your pipework in place at the angle you want, leaving you with two free hands to mark up and fix the wall pipe clips. 

PipeSnug is currently available in three sizes – 32mm, 40mm, and the very new 110mm version.  All sizes are available in black, white and grey.  The 32 and 40mm versions are designed to fit solvent weld waste pipes and a 52mm core-drilled hole.  The 110mm will fit both solvent weld and push-fit soil branches and is designed to work with a 152mm core-drilled hole. 


Praise for PipeSnug 

Feedback from the trade since launch has been phenomenal.  Installers just love how easy and quick it is to install and the professional finish it leaves on every job.  Here are just some of the comments received: 


Patrick Scales, LPS Oil Heating & Plumbing, Cambridgeshire 

PipeSnug is a great product and saves me up to 45 minutes compared with mixing cement properly, making good and then cleaning my tools and bucket.” 


Ian Nicholson, Nicholson Heating Services, Northumberland 

“Neat product looks great. My customer was really impressed with the finish.” 


Gavin Saxton, JB M&E Plumbing & Electrical Solutions, Yorkshire 

“These bad boys are a game changer!” 


Brian Cooper, MD of Plumb-It Plumbers Merchant, Cambridgeshire 

“Sometimes the simplest of products provide the best solutions.” 


Clive O’Malley, O’ Malley Plumbing and Heating, London 

“Love using PipeSnugs, one of the best general plumbing products to come out in the last few years #NoPointPointing” 

PipeSnug is also very proud to have won several industry awards, including the PHPI Product of the Year 2017 (as voted for by the readers) and the HVP Innovation Showcase Award, where one of the judges, Charlie Mullins, founder of Pimlico Plumbers, had this to say: 

“I really like PipeSnug because, not only does it allow installers to easily achieve a clean, professional finish on their pipework, but it promotes these values to the trade.” 

It has certainly been an exciting first year since PipeSnug was launched, but there are still many different versions Alex and Chris want to bring to the market and have some exciting plans for the future. 

For anyone who must point around a pipe, with PipeSnug there really is No Point Pointing! 



Guest Post by Alex Lever of Pipesnug.