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Introducing the VELUX Window Configurator

Introducing the VELUX Window Configurator; designed to make choosing the right windows, easier.

Purchasing roof windows can be confusing. There are so many shapes and sizes available, not to mention options for:  

  • Operation  
  • Control modes  
  • Internal and external finishes  
  • Window flashings 
  • Additional extras such as an insulation collar, vapour barrier or underfelt collar  

It can be even more confusing when you’re not sure what you need. That’s why the VELUX roof window configurator is now integrated into the Howarth Timber & Building Supplies website. The Configurator is simple to use, making it easier to find the right roof windows to suit your tastes and needs.   

Benefits of using the VELUX Configurator:  

  • Find everything that you need and/or want from your roof window so that you don’t need to search around for additional products  
  • Quickly pull together an itemised quote that breaks down each separate component of your window system. This guarantees that you know exactly how much you’ll be paying, without any nasty shocks 
  • Effortlessly compare the price difference between various options  
  • The ability to print your configuration out, if you need to discuss it with a customer or partner before making a purchase 
  • Easily visualise different sizes and shapes of roof window  
  • Quickly analyse the different options available for the window of your choice  
  • Putting in your postcode or signing into your online account, allows us to direct your order straight to your nearest Howarth branch  
  • Once you have made your selection, the Configurator will send you to the usual checkout, allowing you to process your order like a normal transaction  

Using the Configurator  

1. Start by putting in your postcode, logging into or creating a new online account.  

2. Select the type of solution you are looking to purchase:  

  • Roof Windows – for single windows  
  • Window Systems – combine multiple windows or create a balcony to add more light to the interior.  
  • Flat Roof Solutions  

3. Choose the type of window you want:  

  • Roof Windows  
    • Centre-Pivot or Top Hung  
    • Conservation Window  
  • Window Systems  
    • Duo Vertical or Horizontal 
    • Triple Horizontal  
    • Quattro  
    • Sloping and Additional Fixed Element  
    • Combi Vertical  
    • CABRIO Balcony  
    • Flat Roof Solutions  
    • Flat Roof Window


4. Choose the different options you want from your windows. Pick and mixing your options allow you to create an itemised list on the right-hand side of the screen of everything, including the total amount so that you can quickly see how much your solution will cost.   


NOTE: If you choose options that are not compatible with each other, the Configurator will let you know and give you the option to keep your existing choices or alter them to suit new needs.  

5. Once you are happy with what you have picked, click to add products to basket and process your order through the Howarth website as you normally would, with the option to choose either delivery or collection from your local branch.  

NOTE: Don’t worry if we don’t have a Howarth branch near you; we can still get your products to you through our nationwide delivery service. 

If you are purchasing a window system, the correct number of chosen windows will add to your basket, with the option to add more if necessary (perhaps if you are looking to create multiple window systems). 

The VELUX window configurator has been built with you in mind, try it today and find the roof windows to complete your home 

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Kat Musselwhite – Howarth Blogger