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Keeping Artificial Grass Looking Fresher for Longer

Want to discover the secret to keeping your artificial grass looking fresh? Our guide will show you how.

Artificial Grass is the dream for families all over the country, as it allows you to say buh-bye to hours of mowing lawns to keep them tidy, scarifying to remove weeds or the big muddy mess that your real grass turns into following a horrendous downpour. Instead, you can spend your spare time enjoying your outdoor space doing what you love, with your friends and family. You can read our guide to choosing the right artificial grass for your garden here. 

If you have recently installed artificial grass in your outdoor space, the chances are that you probably want to help it to look fantastic for as long as possible, and there is definite truth that prevention is better than the cure. On the other hand, if you’ve had your grass for a while, you might have noticed that it’s starting to look a little lacklustre.  

Here are our suggestions for keeping it looking vibrant.  

Treat it like a Carpet  

Artificial lawns are a lot like carpets in that the main problem you are likely to experience is the fibres of the grass becoming flat. There are several contributing factors to this occurring and how you deal with it will depend on the challenge:  

Challenge: Heavy traffic  

This could be a route to other parts of the garden that are used regularly by members of your household, as well as friends. The repeated nature means that parts of your artificial turf will begin to look “patchy” as some areas become flat whilst other less-traveled regions will look neater.  

Solution: Consider creating a pathway or stepping stones across your lawn that leads to other areas, using paving slabs. Get creative; work your artificial grass around the paving and you could create something that isn’t just practical but also looks great.  

Challenge: Heavy equipment 

Whether it’s garden furniture such as tables, chairs, and benches or heavy-set planters and plant pots that adorn your garden, it is inevitable that the heavy pressure will press down and send the grass fibres in all directions.  

Solution: Regularly re-position anything heavy that sits on your turf so that the same sections aren’t constantly being squashed repeatedly and have time to replenish before too much damage is caused. Changing the placement of the pieces will help to even out the appearance of your grass.  

What if my Artificial Grass is already Flat?  

If you have noticed that your artificial grass is looking a little limp; don’t panic! Simply take a stiff brush and carefully use it to stimulate the pile and encourage it to look fresher and “perkier”. A stiff yard broom will be best, particularly on larger areas, however, if you are trying to revitalise smaller patches, you could also use a hand brush 

Challenge: Shiny object syndrome  

This is very likely to be something that you won’t have thought of, however, a poorly placed shiny object can cause a lot of problems for your artificial grass. Some of the shiny objects that are commonly used in the garden include:  

  • Shed windows  
  • Glazed features, particularly as decorations on plant pots  
  • Mirror decorations that are often used in smaller spaces to make them appear bigger  
  • CDs that are hung strategically to deter birds  

Why are they a problem? If the sun reflects off the shiny object onto your grass, the surface will act as a natural magnifier, heating up the sun's rays and will gradually singe the appearance of the fibres. 

Solution: Try to be strategic about where all glass surfaces are placed and always take into consideration the path of the sun throughout the day, especially in the middle of the day in high summer when it will be at it's hottest and most damaging.  

Challenge: Foreign objects  

This includes twigs, soil, and leaves which on their own won’t cause any direct harm to your lawn, however, they will attract the bane of all gardeners' lives; the frustrating weed.  

Solution: Take some time to periodically remove any organic items from your lawn using either a stiff brush or a plastic rake. You could even use a vacuum cleaner to remove objects efficiently, whilst confusing your neighbours at the same time. 

Challenge: Discolouration  

There are several things that could cause your artificial grass to lose it’s beautiful colouring, with the most common being our beloved pets.  

Solution: Using an artificial grass cleaner will quickly freshen up your lawn so that it looks beautiful again. All you need to do is spray the product directly onto your lawn (there’s no need to dilute) and all dirt, marks, and odours will be briskly eradicated. Easy peasy! 

Now that you have your garden looking stunning, it’s time to relax and enjoy the summer. 

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Kat Musselwhite – HT Blogger