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Keeping Your Home Warm in Winter Part One

Read part one of our guide to keeping your home warm this winter.

It’s now a month since the clocks went back marking the end of British Summer Time. So, the darker nights are well and truly here, which means that most of us are now working to ensure that our homes are kept warm and toasty. As such, according to the Energy Saving Trust “heating accounts for about 55 percent of what you spend in a year on energy bills...”, which is a large portion that is costly for all of us. 

Here is the first in our two-part series of tips for keeping your family warm, whilst saving you money: 

Upgrade your Boiler 

As boilers age, they tend to offer lower efficiency, with a higher likelihood of breaking down and requiring repairs – in real times, both can incur expensive bills. Not only that, but the older a boiler is, the higher the chances of it releasing carbon monoxide which, if inhaled, is incredibly dangerous. 

To ensure that your boiler stays as efficient as possible, we suggest having your boiler serviced on an annual basis; most energy providers will offer this service, however you can hire an independent service if you prefer. It’s also worth checking if your home insurance includes boiler cover. 

Take Control of your Heating 

When the colder weather arrives, it can be difficult to get the right balance. With many traditional heating systems, timers have three options: on, off or on at specified times of the day. However, these options aren’t particularly flexible for modern life and don’t offer any flexibility regarding temperature. 

Digital Thermostats are programmable, allowing you not only to choose the times your heating comes on and turn off but also adjusts the temperature to match what is going on in the household. For example, in the evenings you might choose to turn the temperature up when your family is chilling out in the living room. On the other hand, you might want to turn it down when you are asleep, or everyone is at work or school. 

Take even more Control 

Of course, not everyone has the same idea of what is “comfortable” when it comes to heat, just as not every room requires the same amounts of heat. This is when Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) come in useful.  

TRVs are a self-regulating valve that adjusts the radiator’s hot water flow to fit what it has been set to. This allows the temperature to be adjusted to suit the needs of a room or the occupant. For example, you might choose to turn down low the TRV in the spare room, to prevent wasted heat. Whilst, your daughter might like it toasty in her bedroom. 

Fire it Up 

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, having it lit isn’t just a simple way of creating a cosy and romantic atmosphere, it is also an easy method of warming your home. Purchasing coal for your fire can be expensive, however with a Log Store, you can store a large amount of wood that you have either purchased or salvaged from a felled tree. 

We recommend using a Log Store as it means that you don’t have to store your wood indoors, where they will clog up space, whilst the design of the garden building ensures that they are well-ventilated and kept dry so that they burn more efficiently. 


Come back next time for more tips on how to keep your home warm this winter. 


Kat Musselwhite - HT Blogger