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Why Trex Decking is the Ideal Match for UK Gardens

Learn more about Trex, the environmentally-friendly decking alternative and discover why your garden needs it.

In the UK we like to make the most of any warm weather we have, and the popularity of using our own garden space is likely to be one of the reasons why the UK’s demand for decking is still going strong.

Recently, wood composite decking such as Trex has gained momentum, as more homeowners discover that traditional decking requires higher levels of maintenance and comes to the end of its life-cycle quicker than they’d expect. Here we explain why Trex composite decking is the perfect choice for creating your dream deck in the UK.

Weather-proof technology

It’s no secret that the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, which is why Trex’s shell technology makes it the ideal choice for UK gardens.

Trex is manufactured using a protective shell coating, which is three times thicker than the industry standard and covers three sides of the deck boards. This means that the exposed sides of the decking are protected from the weather, and the underside has room to breathe.

This allows the decking to be durable, and in turn have a long lifespan despite the fickle weather in the UK.

Low maintenance performance

Trex, unlike traditional timber decking, is specially designed with longevity in mind – with a limited warranty of 25 years when used in a residential area and ten years in a commercial setting. While durability is a key feature of Trex decking, so is a low maintenance design. Trex is designed not to rot or split and is mould-resistant, which keeps it in the same condition as when it was first installed.

As much as we love making the most of good weather in the UK by spending time outdoors, this doesn’t include spending time cleaning and carrying out maintenance tasks such as staining our decking.

Crucially, Trex decking is also scratch proof, won’t stain and the colour won’t fade during its lifetime, and with just a quick wash can be brought back to its pristine best. Once you’ve chosen the colour and decided how you’re going to style the space, you can enjoy the decking without having to think about maintenance for years to come.

The sustainable option

With a growing awareness of the environmental impact of our everyday lives, there is an increasing demand in the UK for sustainable options in all sectors.

This is exactly what Trex provides to those wanting to utilise their garden space – made from over 95 percent recycled materials and built to last no matter what the weather, it offers the environmentally-friendly solution to decking installation. What’s more, Trex hasn’t felled a single tree for deck manufacturing, instead opting to use reclaimed wood, used pallets and over 150 million kilos of sawdust and plastic bags annually.

Trex is the perfect solution for transforming outdoor space in the UK. So get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you on your decking plans, or you can read more about Trex decking here.


Installing Trex decking is a relatively straight-forward procedure that is similar to installing either a softwood or hardwood deck. With the recent hot weather, it is understandable that you may want to spend time outside installing your own decking, which may also be a cost-effective solution.

However, building a deck is actually a lot harder than it looks, which is why Trex have launched the TrexPRO certified installer scheme. With a certified installer, you know that you are hiring an individual in confidence that they will have the correct tools and experience that are required for this unique type of decking. Most of our certified installers know the Installation Guide like the back of their own hand, and therefore you know that your deck will be installed:

  • Correctly
  • In a timely manner

Whilst building your own Trex decking will save you money, the necessary tools and supplies needed to install this unique product will probably cost around the same amount as hiring a certified installer, which in itself will make life easier for yourself.



Guest Post by Arbordeck.